The JCrawler project needs help!

Both members of the JCrawler team (Patrick and me) are very busy with our day job to keep taking care of this project in our spare time.

So, starting from 1. Jan 2013, we will disable new posts on the forum and stop all development for the 1.x series.

If you're interested in keeping JCrawler alive, you have the following two options.

a) Join the project

JCrawler needs at the very least someone who can answer on the forum, and someone that is able to develop and fix bugs (they may be the same person). We may remain available for occasional guidance.

NOTE: we need BOTH. If we find someone for support, but no developer, it's not enough.

b) Sponsor the project

If we get paid for developing JCrawler, it becomes part of our day job and can be handled.

Please note: I didn't say "donation". I say "sponsorship", which means paying development hours at our hourly rates (contact us if you're interested).

We're really sorry! But hey, we (and I mean all the JCrawler community) made a great job so far, so thank you everyone!

GiBiLogic hosts the JCrawler site and cooperate in its development and support.

They just launched a new site dedicated to their cool Joomla extensions and it's worth a visit.

Welcome to the new site of JCrawler

jcrawler-screenshot-1JCrawler is an extension for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 that automatically builds an XML sitemap of your site.

It supports different crawling methods and options (exclusions, priority, ...).


downloadGo straight to the download section to grab latest version of JCrawler.


forumJoin the support forum if you need help.